The Career of a Dental Surgeon Could Be Lucrative

With ailments common in respect of eyes and tooth many people are aspiring for becoming the dental surgeons these days. Established in 1873, the University of California-San Francisco School of Dentistry is dedicated to health sciences. Schools of dentistry, nursing, medicine, and pharmacy as well as their teaching hospitals constitute this school.

Prospects in the career

Dentistry as a course is available in many institutions and from the late 19 th century in the University of California.

DDS degree is offered by many schools that can help build up the career of a dental surgeon.

Graduate program leading to PhD in oral biology is offered in the school.

Post graduate programs in multiple specialties and dental hygiene can help people rise up to the rank of Professors in Dental surgery and medicine.

Unique features Dental Medicine as a subject

Introduction of new pre-doctoral curriculum in dentistry has opened up new avenues for students in recent years.

Organizing materials into five thematic streams emphasizing and reinforcing the integration of basic sciences as well as clinical sciences in –

Dental science

Dental Education

Biomedical Science

Patient centered science

Preventive and restorative dental science, and

Scientific method.

Basic objective of introduction of new pattern is ensuring that the students become conversant with best patient care and at the same time they can translate science into practice. Results would be enabling the students to follow multiple career paths.


Unique method of grading in the university is P for Pass, NP for No Pass, SP for Satisfactory Pass and UP for unsatisfactory Pass. Outstanding performances are designated with Honors. Pass or Not Pass grades are awarded at the completion of the course. Getting good grading can help the career prospects of aspirant dental surgeons.

Other features

Offering academic assistance to the students in form of tutorials as well as the National Board Reviews, the school offers a wide variety of extracurricular activities for its students. DAT prep, interviewing workshops, and summer programs are some of the features that are offered. Joint DDS-MD oral as well as maxillofacial program is also sponsored as a joint venture of the schools of Dentistry and Medicine. With 139 quarter units through 93 semester units can be completed with an accredited 4 years of institutional studies. Minimum overall and science college grade point of average 2.4 is necessary for the Californian students. Grade mark of average 3.0 is necessary for the nonresident Californians.