The Dental Hygienist

Working as a dental hygienist requires you to have a certain degree of knowledge and skill relative to the field of dental medicine and its facets. The professional and learning requirements about this job opening are detailed in this job description. Tailor fitting your resume by identifying your foundation skills comparative to the job opening will increase your chances of successfully landing the position.

In this kind of job, your responsibility is to provide primary care, management and prophylaxis of dental conditions within but not limited to the gums and oral cavity extensions. He prepares and provides clinical information necessary for a dentist to make an effective diagnosis in identifying the right medical condition for a patient who may exhibit symptoms of an undiagnosed gum problem.

The dental hygienist is in charge of cleaning, conducting oral exams and checking for signs of deterioration and proliferation in the cavity of the mouth and its relational structure. Hygienists are also facilitators in educating patients about the value of health awareness for a healthy set of teeth and how to spot signs of gum disease and poor dental hygiene.

An expert understanding of the human anatomical structure specific to the orofacial neuromuscular, glandular and skeletal structure is a requirement to practice as a dental hygienist. Knowledge and necessary licensure to operate medical equipment related to the field is a must, such as radiologic technology, chemical agent management and instrumentation usage.

He is responsible for providing teeth grooming, by performing routine cleaning procedures such as stain removal, cleaning calcareous deposits in the teeth and curative procedures for gum disease and abscess formation. The Dental Hygienist will conduct a thorough physical examination of the teeth and its structures to determine the presence of any undocumented disease, deterioration and prepare the palliative and curative preparation and treatment upon recommendation of a licensed dental practitioner.